Adventures on the Go!

Quinnie’s Fun House Meets Skate the Foundry Skateboarding Camp

Quinnie had a fun time learning how to skateboard at Skate the Foundry Camp. Take a look at some of the cool skateboarding tricks she learned in just one week! Mr. Brett, the camp instructor, was kind enough to take videos and pictures. Check out the full video on YouTube at Quinnie’s Fun House!

Adventures on the Go!

Skateboarding for Beginners at Quinnie’s Fun House

Ready to Skateboard

Want to learn how to ride a skateboard? Visit Quinnie’s Fun House to watch a beginner in action! Please like and subscribe 👍🏽😊

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Exercise and Break a Sweat at Quinnie’s Fun House!

Trampoline Fun

Tired of sitting all day in virtual class or need to get moving? Visit Quinnie’s Fun House for some fun exercises that will make you break a sweat! Remember, exercise is important for all ages.

Adventures on the Go!

Play Date Fun: Celebrating Alex & Jack’s 8th Birthday

Quinnie’s Fun House knows the importance of friends and celebrating their birthdays. Check out my latest video having an awesome play date and celebrating the 8th birthday of my friends , twin brothers, Alex and Jack along with my puppy Zack. Please like and subscribe 👍🏽🥳

Adventures on the Go!

Ten Ways to Have Fun Inside and Outside!

Play Ball!

Are you bored? Want some easy was to have fun outside and inside the house? Quinnie’s Fun House has ten great ways to have enjoy yourself, get some exercise, use critical thinking skills and stop boredom in its tracks!